Peer Review Process

Articles submitted for publication would be screened for plagiarism via the turn-it-in, and if they satisfy the requirements of the journal, they would be sent to two independent referees who are asked to report on the scientific quality and originality of the work as well as its presentation.

Depending on the referees' comments,

  • the article may be accepted;
  • the article may be rejected; or
  • the referees' reports may be sent to the authors for amendment or revision of the article;
  • if the article contains too many errors for the referees to comment fully on the scientific content, the authors will be asked to make major revisions and then resubmit the article.

Submission of Revised Manuscripts
When authors have revised their manuscript in response to the referees' comments, they are asked to add their replies to the comments on the first page of their revised manuscript for transmission to the referees. The revised version may be returned to the original referees who are then asked whether the revisions have been carried out satisfactorily. Depending on the referees' comments, the article may be accepted or subjected to another round of review.

In the case of rejection, authors may submit an appeal in response to the referees' reports. This will be considered by the Editorial Board.  If the Board thinks it appropriate, authors may be asked to submit a revised version fur consideration.