Thermal distribution of magneto-tangent hyperbolic flowing fluid over a porous moving sheet: A Lie group analysis


  • A. B. Disu Department of Mathematics, National Open University, Abuja, Nigeria
  • S. O. Salawu Department of Mathematics, Bowen University, Iwo, Nigeria


Thermal conductivity, Magneto-Tangent hyperbolic liquid, Porous sheet, Scaling Lie group, Thermal radiation


An investigation of magneto-hyperbolic tangent fluid motion through a porous sheet which stretches vertically upward with temperature-reliant thermal conductivity is scrutinized in this study. The current model characterizes thermal radiation and the impact of internal heat source in the heat equation plus velocity and thermal slipperation at the wall. The translation of the transport equations is carried out via the scaling Lie group technique and the resultant equations are numerically tackled via shooting scheme jointly with Fehlberg integration Runge-Kutta scheme. The results are publicized through various graphs to showcase the reactions of the fluid terms on the thermal and velocity fields. From the investigations, it is found that rising values of the material Weissenberg number, slip and suction terms damped the hydrodynamic boundary film whereas the heat field is prompted directly with thermal conductivity.


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Thermal distribution of magneto-tangent hyperbolic flowing fluid over a porous moving sheet: A Lie group analysis. (2023). Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences, 5(1), 1103.