Mathematical modelling of concentration profiles for species transport through the single and the interconnected multiple-compartment systems


  • Oludare Adedire University of Jos
  • J. N. Ndam Department of Mathematics, University of Jos, Nigeria


In this research work, we investigate the concentration profiles in the single and the interconnected multiple-compartment systems with sieve partitions for the transport of chemical species with second order chemical reaction kinetics. With assumption of unidirectional transport of chemical species and constant physical properties with same equilibrium contant, the developed partial differential equations representing the two systems are spatially discretized using the Method of Lines (MOL) technique and the resulting semi-discrete system of ODEs are solved using MATLAB ode15s solver. The results show that the interconnected multiple-compartment system has lower concentration profile than the single-compartment system for different values of diffusivities.


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Adedire, O., & J. N. Ndam. (2020). Mathematical modelling of concentration profiles for species transport through the single and the interconnected multiple-compartment systems . Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences, 2(2), 61–68.



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