Measurement of the Excited Energies Identified in 42Ca using the ROSPHERE Gamma-ray Arrays


  • T. Daniel Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Benue State University, PMB 102119, Makurdi, Nigeria.
  • A. A. McAsule Department of Physics, Federal University of Agriculture, P. M. B. 2373, Makurdi, Benue State


Absolute relative error, accuracy, comparative study, stability


Excited energy states totalling 11 in number identified to be associated with the 42Ca were detected via the ROSPHERE gamma-ray array detectors of IFIN-HH Bucharest from a 28Si(18O, 2p2n), where a multi-particle of 2 protons and 2 neutrons were evaporated in a fusion reaction. The excited energies were identified using ?-ray coincidences. All detected gamma energies (?) recorded were compared with various literatures from NNDC and this shows an excellent agreement with each and the results are presented together with their calculated relative intensities.


Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENSDF), Retrieved (2020).

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Daniel, T., & A. A. McAsule. (2020). Measurement of the Excited Energies Identified in 42Ca using the ROSPHERE Gamma-ray Arrays. Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences, 2(3), 166–169.



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