The Mass Resolution of Ca, K Isotopes and CO, N2 and C2H4 Isobars in Isotopes Separator On-Line trap Mass spectrometry


  • Dyavappa B M Department of Physics, Government First Grade College for Women, Kolar, Karnataka, India


Mass spectrometry, Mass resolution, Isotope online Penning trap, Resonance spectrum, RF excitation


In Isotopes separator on-line trap, ions are trapped, cooled, accumulated, bunched and isotopes or isobars are separated, cyclotron frequencies are determined, which are followed by time of flight mass resolution. The mass resolution of isotopes in Penning trap mass spectrometry is achieved by the direct excitation of axial motion of ions, driven by RF field at the pure cyclotron frequencies of ions. The design and working of Isotopes separator on-line trap which is used for high-accuracy mass spectrometry in the mass resolution of calcium isotopes (40Ca+, 42Ca+, 44Ca+), potassium isotopes (39K+, 41K+) and [28(CO)]+, [(28N2)]+, [28(C2H4)]+ isobars found in mixtures is achieved from time of flight mass spectrometry are presented here.


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